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  • Promoting the Protection and Appreciation of the St. Croix River

    SCRA’s volunteer program is designed to engage and empower community members through training, action, and celebration. We need volunteers willing to be educated about the threats to our waterway, to work in restoration, and to get out on the water and enjoy it.

  • From Victorian home to nationally recognized Hospital

    Today, Lakeview Hospital enjoys the help of 160 volunteers working in 25 different areas, including: surgery reception, information desks, Teddy Bear Clinic (educational program for kindergarteners), nursing stations, piano playing in the lobby, and the gift shop.

  • Connecting People, Enriching Lives

    At Community Thread, our tagline is connecting people, enriching lives. When people ask about what we do as an organization, that’s often where I begin. Yes, it’s a little vague in some ways, but in other ways it encompasses so well the work we do.

About the Get Connected Database

Get Connected is an easy to use web based platform that matches the right community needs with people like you. You can find volunteer opportunities, in-kind needs, upcoming events, and more. Search for openings and organizations that fit your availability and interest areas throughout the St. Croix Valley. Get connected today! Together, we can make a difference to connect people and enrich lives.

If you have questions, Community Thread’s Volunteer Center can also assist you in finding the right opportunity for you. Contact Paige Stein at 651-439-7434 or

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